When it comes to Marketing there are so many different outlets of improving your business. I have the experience. Let’s talk, sit down, & discuss what business goals you have. I can help you utilize your goals with my knowledge along with your wants & needs. This is to develop a positive outcome of progression towards your business model and make your business more profitable.

Call me if you’d like an estimate in any type of marketing for your business. My direct number is 443-880-6902 or email me at

Social Media Management 

Website Development 

Logo Design 

Brochure / Business Card Design 

Commercial & Residential Organization 

Commercial & Residential Photography 



@Katelin Murphy Photography



Self portraits, family portraits, senior portraits, etc., Let’s capture the right moment you’d like to portray in time!

 Event Photography

Any event you’d like to have documented including a special occasion such as an engagement, wedding, banquet, and more!

2nd Photographer

Any photographers who need a second photographer at an event please let me know. I’d be pleased to help you with your client.

Commercial Business Photography 

Travel to your company for onsite work to photograph your showcase craftsmanship for high-quality marketing segmentation.

Promotional Photography 

Commercially market your business with the quality of appearance that is necessary for your success. We can utilize the photography I take for you in many different ways marketing your company and for your company’s promotional use.

Real Estate Photography 

Working with listing agents, brokers, home sellers to photograph homes in a creative way for the market to sell.

Prints For Sale 

Please visit my facebook page “Katelin Murphy Photography”

All images on the Facebook albums are for purchase, from 4×6 cards to 24×36 framed photographs, to enjoy for many different photos I’ve taken from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Real Estate Organizing


Considering selling your home? It’s a tough market ! Many home buyers do not want to put the effort into the vision of the homes’ full potential. Let’s Organize your house & stage it with the right items. We could consider renting furnishings or accessories depending on the look your going for to sell your home to attract the right buyers. Let’s make it look and feel perfect appeal for it to become buyer ready. We can go through the home together, plan it perfectly to your comfort, and I will be guiding you on your wants & needs every step of the way to help the real estate agent have a solid offer for purchase.

Organizing Website Development / Social Media Management

social media

Help you establish your private webpage or company’s website through WordPress & getting you a proper domain name set up. I’ll assist you with setting up your account and maintaining it. Learning how to enable your own website can greatly contribute to your company, saving time and making it very affordable. I understand the need of marketing on social media and to market your companies profile. I can help you get started with great marketing skills and tips that are effective. As a major in International Business & Marketing, I’ve learned about the competition, tools, techniques, & will figure out the best ways to allow your company to grow!


Website Development Portfolio


Launching SOON


Website Updates & Management

Wine Cellar Organizing

wine cellar

Personal collectors or liquor store owners, find the bottle you want with more ease. Collectors of wine can accumulate a huge amount of dusty bottles, piled upon each other, making it hard to find the selection or know what you have in stock. Be knowledgeable about what’s in your wine cellar to get the best years out of the vintages you own. Don’t let your wine go to waste, let’s organize it by region & vintage and tag it so you will be able to understand the longevity of the bottle for when it’s best by, the varietal, and it’s notes. Knowing when the bottle should be opened by gets you the wines best notes to enjoy. Just like that full bodied, 12 year old vintage, red blend, you have been saving for a special occasion. I can help you label and find the value in the investment you have made. As a wine lover myself, I will try to help you understand the full potential of your collection.

Walk-in Closet Organizing


Busy lifestyles do not necessarily make it easy to organize the space you get ready in daily. A need of being able to go into your closet space, with ease, eliminating time wasted, and spent trying to go through your closet can be a virtue. Waking up early in the morning, finding the perfect outfit to start your day, and leaving your house with a few clothes off their hanger or piled un-neatly in a basket of un-put-away laundry is common in most households. Make it easier by implementing a plan to organize your closet to make your morning routine less of a hassle and not having to come back to your home with a mess to look at. Helping you get your closet organized in a way that is more effective and efficient for yourself is the goal. Allow me to design a plan that fits your needs.

Estate Auction Organizing / Item Listing Organizing

estate auction

Organize your Estate Sales by carefully going through sale items, organizing lots, hiring an auctioneer, setting up for the auction, and marketing the auction event.

Marketing would consist of brochures, signage, and local advertising for the area that will be designed and 3rd party contracted. Posts onto social media, heavy word of mouth, and other advertisement sources will be the main focus marketing an estate auction.

Another option is carefully box up items to be pick up to take to an auction house where there will be a reserved table lot for your items and can pick up your check after the auction.


Item listing organization would be selling particular items on an eBay account. With careful  understanding of the item & its worth, research it, display at least 10 photos on eBay with depth explanation on description & list under the best category for the best results of getting a great price. Selling the item is not guaranteed that it can sell in the first 7 days, I can do the best with pricing it, getting an audience built to watch the item, & get as many bids as possible too sell your item at its highest potential value. You can check out my personal eBay account with my seller name, katemurphy90 .

Confidential Document File Organizing


Legal Paperwork Filed and Organized for law offices. Will come in and organize your work space easily without having employees take the extra time out of their business daily schedule trying to go through archives. The time consuming task can be done within a reasonable time to make room for future client files. These files are highly confidential, a term of confidentiality agreement will be presented prior to the task to make sure for clearance to handle these documents.