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Help you establish your private webpage or company’s website through WordPress & getting you a proper domain name set up. I’ll assist you with setting up your account and maintaining it. Learning how to enable your own website can greatly contribute to your company, saving time and making it very affordable. I understand the need of marketing on social media and to market your companies profile. I can help you get started with great marketing skills and tips that are effective. As a major in International Business & Marketing, I’ve learned about the competition, tools, techniques, & will figure out the best ways to allow your company to grow!


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4 thoughts on “Organizing Website Development / Social Media Management

  1. As owners of Furniture Flipping Females, we tried on our own to do a website for a year but always got so frustrated we quit. We met Katelin at a home show and asked her to help us with our website. It was one of the best accidental meetings of our business life. She organized our information and taught us as she built our site and is available for any questions after the fact. We couldn’t be more pleased!


  2. LetMeOrganizeYou developed an awesome website for Scissors Salon! Taking in consideration of my business, great pages were developed with a lot of thought into the services I provide. Katelin Murphy promoted the business site so effectively. It was viewed well over 100 times in the first hour it was lunched! Thank you LetMeOrganizeYou, who put together wonderful marketing techniques, for setting me up for my new website and social media. My business is enhancing daily!


  3. I’m Gettin’ Organized: I’m being dragged into the 21st century by Katelin Murphy of Let Me Organize You, a young lady who’s establishing this site for my books. Katelin has her hands full dealing with a dedicated dinosaur who’s more at home amid the 1800s, but she’s uniquely qualified for the job. Not only is Katelin organized, her artistry can be sampled on her facebook page at Katelin Murphy Photography. We’ll post some samples of her nautical and wildlife photos here on the Gallery for your viewing pleasure, along with vintage shots collected for my “lavishly illustrated” books.


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