Estate Auction Organizing / Item Listing Organizing

estate auction

Organize your Estate Sales by carefully going through sale items, organizing lots, hiring an auctioneer, setting up for the auction, and marketing the auction event.

Marketing would consist of brochures, signage, and local advertising for the area that will be designed and 3rd party contracted. Posts onto social media, heavy word of mouth, and other advertisement sources will be the main focus marketing an estate auction.

Another option is carefully box up items to be pick up to take to an auction house where there will be a reserved table lot for your items and can pick up your check after the auction.


Item listing organization would be selling particular items on an eBay account. With careful ย understanding of the item & its worth, research it, display at least 10 photos on eBay with depth explanation on description & list under the best category for the best results of getting a great price. Selling the item is not guaranteed that it can sell in the first 7 days, I can do the best with pricing it, getting an audience built to watch the item, & get as many bids as possible too sell your item at its highest potential value. You can check out my personal eBay account with my seller name, katemurphy90 .

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